Front Door and Entryway Makeover


This is the second time I have painted my front door in one hour enamel. The first time was last year. I chose the color Abyss. Well, Black Cherry arrived and I just knew it had to be on my door (It didn't really need to be painted again, but when you want a change, you go for it!) 

I didn't have to utilize the primer, but I wanted to, just in case, and also because the first time I painted I didn't smooth out and the door natural imperfections. So, after a lights sand, I went ahead and painted two coats of Wise Owl Gray Primer. 

After the primer had fully dried I was able to get started on the black cherry! 

I decided to use the B10 Block brush and my 045 cling on brush. When painting on a vertical surface you want to brush up agains gravity. I applied my first coat, and then after an hour, was able to apply my second coat. I used a little less than a quarter of the quart of paint. 

Here is the door after two coats of gray primer
Here is the door after two coats of gray primer

NEXT... It was time to start on the concrete floor. I have a mini little entryway outside of the front of my door with a security gate and it definitely needed to glamming up! I also was super excited to use the NEW stencil I got (available also on my site) It is the Patchwork stencil, and just perfect for a faux tile look!

I vacuumed and then scrubbed the concrete clean, and then had to wait for it to fully dry. 

I then applied TWO coats of the wise owl primer in white, since I knew I was going to be using Alabaster in One Hour Enamel as my base coat. 

After the two coast of primer were dry, I went ahead and brushed on my one hour enamel. It's a small space, so rolling seemed to be over kill. See below for the results of the painted concrete in One Hour Enamel- Alabaster. 

After the final coat of alabaster was dry (remember, doesn't take too long). I was able to start stenciling with the patchwork stencil and jet black. See below for the progress photo. :) 

After a few hours, I was back up and running! Door complete and the floor too! Love how this turned out and how it gave the front of my house some extra flair! 

And here is the final result!
And here is the final result!