Flea Market Home & Living Magazine Feature


I don't even know how to start this to be brutally honest. I'm floating, excited, nervous, anxious, elated! So many emotions about the feature in the spring addition of Flea Market Home and Living Magazine's reclaimer story. 

When I was first asked by Lisa Marie Hart, the editor of Flea Market Home and Living, if I wanted to be in the edition of a small publication I of course immediately replied, YES!

I had no idea that this "Small publication" was actually a national magazine that people can buy almost everywhere and anywhere across the country. What??? Lisa Marie sent me samples of the other stories done in past editions. Wow, I thought, "are they sure they want me?" All of the previous articles were about AMAZING talented artists and long time business owners. I have only been in business going on two years.

Well, I figured Lisa Marie knew enough about me and my work and I should do my best and roll with it. I answered the questions as best and honestly I could. I pulled in one of my good artisan friends to help me with some new photos of some of my pieces, so I could mix it up a bit, and then submitted everything. This was back in February. I had to wait TWO months! I had no idea what pictures they were going to choose or what answers of mine they were going to utilize. Oh, can you say pins and needles???

I didn't say much to anyone about it. I kept thinking, oh, they will realize they don't want me in there...

Well, it just released and hit the stands and I couldn't be more thrilled and amazed at how it all turned out. There is something, I can't even put a word to describe the feeling, about seeing my work in print, in a magazine! AGAIN.... WHHHAAAT???

It feels good. This business is such a wave, so many ups and downs--- my amazing customers, followers, and supporters, days like this, make it ALL worth it!

SO---- THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. 

Till next time... 


Owner and creator of Kate&Barrel Designs