Converting an Old Radio Cabinet


A year ago my hubby said he wanted to find a long low radio cabinet to convert to a bar. Well... a few days later our friend Melanie came across one and helped us snatch it up! Super excited he started tinkering with it, discovered that the radio worked, but the rest was a goner. So, gutting it was the best option. We started the gutting project, and well... we didn't finish it. Instead, it was hot and bugs were everywhere! Sooooo in the trailer is went, for a YEAR!

 Well, I couldn't let it sit anymore, so after a year of it sitting and a brand new garage/studio space, I had the hubby help me pull it out again and started really going to town with the "gutting process"

We pulled everything out, and I mean everything, completely gutted it.

So, here it is in the picture above, all gutted and the trim cut off as well. We had to really just pull it all out. The top was gutted as well. So then, it was time to create new sides and shelving. I went off to Home Depot and picked up some birchwood boards and began measuring and cutting the boards to fit. 

I added some trim from quarter rounds around the front edges to round out and also create a smoother transition on the front edges. I also built the shelves, using a strip of wood on each side for the shelf to sit on. I used a level to ensure it was even and level. After I finished building the interior shelves, I went ahead and started painting with my Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint and Wise Owl One hour Enamel. 

I ended up painting in Smokey Quartz, added Silver Leaf and then painted over in Carbon. I then rubbed the Carbon off on the edges, etc... so show off the silver leaf and the smokey quartz underneath. 

I stained the new wood that I put on the inside of the top of the cabinet with dark walnut gel stain from General Finishes and then sealed with Wise Owl Salve. I sealed the paint with Varnish, and did not need to seal the One Hour Enamel paint. 

I also built a top tray to cover the open areas that are available for storage. I even added a cut of butcher block as an added touch and sealed it with clear salve. 

While I am super pleased with the results and that it went to a new home almost immediately after I posted it for sale, I am not sure if I will be doing another one of these anytime soon. Be ready to spend a lot of time and effort putting something like this together. ;)