Children's Vanity- with Jolie Paint


This little vanity was found here in Tucson, AZ. When I saw the picture of this piece, I jumped at it!  I had the perfect idea for it! Classic black with my new Jolie paint in Noir and gorgeous silver accenting. Well, a day later I went to pick it up and low and behold, realized the vanity was not an adult size vanity, but rather made for a child. Whoops!

I still loved it and went ahead with purchasing it, however, started completely second guessing my original design. All of the child size vanities I had seen re-done were pink or purple, basically very "girly".... 

And I don't have kids, so was unsure if the paint scheme would even work with a child's bedroom. Well, after talking to two ladies who have girls of their own, I felt a lot better about plunging forward with my original plan of black and silver. It sets it apart from the typical colors you would see in a vanity this size and I definitely feel like it gives a classic vibe that won't ever go out of style. 

So, after that was decided I hemmed and hawed over a mirror. I found this adorable hand held mirror that can stand upright or lay flat and just thought, "how perfect!"

It was on! I gave her a good scrub down with a trusty vinegar and dawn mixture with a sanding sponge. She definitely had some grime on her from over the years. Once she was all cleaned up, it was time to start painting and I couldn't wait to dive in to try out my new Jolie Paint in Noir! 

Jolie Paint: 

Let's chat about the paint for a second. I was lucky enough to be honored by Jolie Paint to try out their new line before it's full release. They sent me their true black, Noir, along with a rocking paint brush, and clear wax to seal. 

I enjoyed being able to use the paint, it went on nice and smooth. I'm not sure if it was the piece I was working on, or the particular color, or the paint line itself, however, some areas required additional coats than my normal two coats. It didn't really bother me though, as it allowed my to play more with the paint and the amazing brush! ;) Can I just say... love the shape of Jolies brush, it's the perfect shape to get in between the top and side edging. LOVE!

After the paint was all dry it was time to apply my clear wax, which was like butter! It went on so smooth, excess wiped off so easy, and no smudging! Sometimes with dark colors wax can leave finger prints... not this wax! 

I think used some silver gliding wax to accent all the areas that I wanted with my finger and applicator brush. 


After I was done with all my accenting and final touches it was time to get the perfect final picture! I work with a great group of staging gurus that helped me get the perfect pictures! I love how the red flowers and the silver mirror helps accent and pops on top of the vanity. 

I hope this little lady finds her perfect lady that will adore her for many years to come!